Don’t Forget These Beach Essentials

When you vacation on the North Carolina coast, spending time on the beach is an activity that you’ll enjoy plenty of. It’s easy to lie out on the beach and enjoy the sand between your toes and participate in a variety of additional fun activities the entire family will enjoy. But, if you want to enjoy the best time on the beach, make sure you have the beach essentials with you.

Beach Towel

A beach towel keeps you dry after a dip in the amazing coastal waters. Furthermore, the beach towel comes in handy if you want to lie in the sun to soak up some sun, an activity that many people enjoy. Make sure each person in the family has a beach towel with their favorite design plastered across it.

Vacay Rental

You shouldn’t spend money renting a hotel for your stay on the coast. Instead, rent north carolina beachfront rentals and enjoy a home away from home that’s just steps away from the water. You’ll maximize your comforts and your pleasures when using a vacation rental. Plus, it’s likely cheaper than a hotel rental.

Beach Bag

Beach bags hold all the items that you need to bring to the beach with you. Tons of sizes and styles of beach bags are available. Choose your favorite and fill it with beach necessities that you’ll want to take along with you, including:

·    Bottled water

·    Suntan lotion/Sunscreen

·    Snacks

·    Magazines/books

·    Toys/sports equipment

·    Beach Umbrella

·    Sunglasses

·    Hat

Cooler With Ice

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Don’t go to the beach without a cooler to hold all of your drinks. Remember, alcohol isn’t allowed on the beach but you can bring lots of ice to keep the bottled water, soft drinks, juices, teas, and snacks cool for the day.